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I Have Wonderful News

March 23, 2015


Dear Families,


I have wonderful news. Our new kindergarten building is complete. Ms. London, Ms. Willis, Ms. Alvarado, Ms. Charley and all of their students will begin class in their new rooms on April 6th, the day we come back from break. We will have movers to help move Monday March 30 and all spring break. We are very excited. During Celebration of Community on May 7th we will have an open house for everyone to see the wonderful building.

Moving kindergarten into the new building will change many other things at Collet so please read carefully.

Student Drop Off

The pull through drive in front of the new building is for families with kindergarten students only:

You may drop our students off at the new building. If they normally have breakfast they will go to the cafeteria or if they normally go to the playground for a few minutes that will not change.

When the bell rings the students will line up at their classroom back door.

If you want to pick up your student at the building please park on the side streets and walk to the class. Busses and Day care Vans will not change pick up location.


For the first few days we will have plenty of duty staff to direct students and families. Please be very patient and considerate.  The safety of the children is our priority.


New Temporary Office

As soon as the kindergarten has moved on construction on the administration building will begin.  This means that the office staff will set up a temporary administration office in the new building. The whole front of the school along Morris will be closed. Signing students in and out of any other business you normally would conduct in the office will now be in the new building.  All of the office staff, nurse’s office, counselor, instructional coach, and myself will be in the new building until renovations are complete.

Parking will be very limited during the next phase of construction. Visitor parking will be available next to the gym.  You may not park in the kindergarten pull through lane from 7:30-8:15 am and 1:30-2:15pm. Theses are the times when we have student drop off and pick up and need to keep cars moving.  If everyone adheres to these guidelines we will have a safe transition.


Thank You

Deborah Henwood

Principal Collet Park


Posted by: Stacye Simpson
Published: 3/25/15

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