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A Note From Ms. Henwood

 November 17, 2014

A Note from Ms. Henwood


Parent – Teacher conferences are Monday and Tuesday November 24 and 25.  This time is crucial for you to meet with your child’s teacher and go through work samples, go over your child’s progress report and ask and answer any questions you or the teacher may have.  If you have questions, write them down so you don’t forget to ask them.  We strive to make this time both positive and informative.  We all need to work together as a team to provide the best learning environment for our students. 


Thanksgiving Break November 26 -28, 2014.  Return to school Monday December 1, 2014.

Please have a safe and enjoyable break.  We give thanks for our Collet Park Families and how wonderful it is to be a part of this great community.  

PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers)

I know you have heard many things about the new statewide assessment all our third, fourth and fifth graders will be taking in the spring. Here is a website that will assist you in the understanding of what is required of your child and provide detailed information about the assessment.  It also contains some practice items so you can see what your children will be doing in March and April.


Posted by: Deborah Henwood
Published: 11/17/14

A Note From Ms. Henwood

I want to start this note as a thank you for your support and patience.  The first couple of months have been difficult for all of us first worry, and then grief for our dear friend Cookie.  She was a beloved teacher, mentor, friend and a cornerstone of the community.  She is missed everyday and we are all trying to figure out how to be whole without her.  So again I thank you.


I am currently working on our site safety plan.  It is an in-depth plan in case of an emergency.  I have instructed all staff to ask for ID when an adult comes to check out a student from school.  Please bring your ID in with you even if most of us know who you are.  We will still ask.  The S in CARS is for Safety and we take it very seriously.


Fall is here and the weather is beautiful.  We are very busy at school!


The children are working hard on our new math program Stepping Stones.  It presents math concepts using a variety of strategies.  Some of these strategies are familiar to those of us that were in school many years ago and some are new.  The program also has the students constantly explain their mathematical thinking, which is a hard skill for many children.  We are continuing with the units of study for reading and writing.  Both the math and English Language Arts are following the Common Core State Standards. Please ask you child what the essential questions and learning goals for the unit they are currently working on.  If you have questions about the standards or curriculum please ask us. 


Teachers in all of our classrooms are implementing the Common Core State Standards and preparing our students for the PARCC assessment in March.  I am greatly appreciative of the hard work our staff is doing.  This year will be a huge shift in the way we assess our students.  The PARCC is all computer based so we are currently teaching third, fourth and fifth grade how to take a very complicated test using technology.  Again, please ask your children what they are currently doing in the computer lab.  In addition to PARCC all students kindergarten through fifth grade will take District Formative Assessments and Performance Tasks.  All students in kindergarten through third grade will be assessed using DIBELS.


October is also Halloween.  The students are allowed to have and wear costumes. However, no masks, blood or fake weapons are allowed at school. We will not have a school wide parade but we will have plenty of classroom activities going on.  Each grade level is working on plans for October 31.


As you can see the new building is looking great.  I appreciate everyone complying with our student drop off and pick up along Greta.  It is working out very well.


The early voting polls are open.  Please vote - your voice is important.

Posted by: Stacye Simpson
Published: 10/20/14

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