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Skateboard, Roller Skates & Heelies

Due to safety concerns, children are not to bring skateboards, roller skates or “heelies” on school grounds at any time.

Clothing & Dress Code

We expect all students to dress comfortably and appropriately for school. 

Hats & Headgear

If a child wears a hat to school, we will ask the student to please remove headgear when entering the cafeteria or if requested by a staff member.  If a hat is worn for medical or religious reasons, please provide documentation to the teacher in advance so we may make the appropriate accommodations.

Other Clothing Items

Children will not be allowed to wear pajamas to school.  Footwear such as slippers or flip-flops is not allowed.  Spaghetti straps or shirts exposing excessive skin are not allowed.

Students are expected to be neat, clean and appropriately dressed for learning in the school setting.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  The following items are directly from the APS Student Handbook and are prohibited at Collet Park:

  1. Clothing, hairstyle and jewelry that disrupt the educational process, including but not limited to, excessive body piercing, muscle shirts, tank tops, shredded off the shoulder, low cut, see through or minimal clothing are prohibited.
  2. Sagging (pants below the waist) in unacceptable.  If the shirt is too long to determine if pants sag below the waist, students may be required to tuck in their shirts.
  3. All attire should be no shorter than the point where extended fingers end when the student is standing up straight.  No skin should show between the bottom of the shirt / blouse and the top of the pants / skirt when arms are stretched upward.
  4. Clothing, tattoos or accessories that advertise, display or promote any drug (including tobacco or alcohol), sexual innuendo, violence, weaponry, profanity, hate or bigotry towards any group or individual is unacceptable.
  5. Clothing and accessories that display insignias which suggest illicit behaviors, gang affiliation or abusive language are not permitted on school grounds.
  6. Banned accessories include, but are not limited to, belt loop or chain wallets and key chains, spiked jewelry and extended belts.

Physical education students will wear attire specified as appropriate to their enrollment as required by the school site.

Lost and Found

Collet Park has a lost and found bin in the café adjacent to the southeast corner.  The lost and found will be cleaned out two times a year and any items remaining in the bin will be cleaned and donated to the APS Clothing Bank.  Please insure that your child’s backpack, jackets have their names written on them.