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Telephone Use

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Students who carry a cell phone must have their phone off and in their back- pack during the school day.  Cell phones and other electronic devices being used during the school day will be confiscated and turned into the office as per APS policy. Students will be able to retrieve their electronic device the first time it is confiscated.  After the first offense families will be called

Unauthorized use of personal electronic devices includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Possessing, viewing, sending or sharing video or audio information having sexual, violent or threatening content on school grounds, school events or school busses shall be prohibited and may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of the personal electronic device.
  2. Transmitting school materials for unethical purposes such as cheating.
  3. Any activity that may be in violation with the Albuquerque Public Schools Bullying Prevention policy and procedural directive.

School Phones

The office team has been instructed not to take any personal messages (unless it is an emergency) and have them forwarded to your child, to include children making plans for after school. This causes a disruption in the educational process and confusion when it is time to dismiss from school.  You are encouraged to make plans in advance with your child or to write a note to the teacher.

If you should have an emergency, please contact the office first. 

Only adults, such as the teacher, office staff, or the nurse, will contact families if a child is ill or important information needs to be communicated to the families.

Most teachers now have a telephone in their classroom.  To avoid disruption in the class, these phones are set to ring only once and then go to the teacher’s voice mailbox.  If you would like to leave a voice mail for a teacher please call the office and we will transfer your call.  Teachers should check voice mail daily. 

Classroom telephones are intended for teacher use, not for students. It is at the discretion of the classroom teacher if a student is allowed to use the phone.  If 911 is dialed from a classroom phone it will set off an alarm in the office and at the APD dispatcher’s post.  A false 911 call by a student is a serious offense, similar to a false fire alarm.