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Fire Lanes

There should be no parking at any time in any of the designated fire lanes on the campus.  The designated fire lanes are located along Morris NE (the front of the school), in front of the gym and on the south loop (on Snowheights NE).


Students Who Walk, Ride Bikes, or Arrive by Car

If your child walks to and from school, please review with your child the rules for safety while crossing streets.  Also, please remind your child to only cross at the designated crosswalk area (on the corner on Morris & Snow Heights NE).  A crossing guard will assist your children in crossing safely to the school.

If your child rides a bike (wear a helmet) to school, please remind him / her to cross at Morris NE with the crossing guard.  Children must walk their bikes while on the school grounds.  We also encourage your child to bring a lock and secure their bikes at designated bike racks (located on campus).

Parent Pick-up and Drop-off Zone

Parents are to pick up and drop off their children in loop adjacent to Prospect NE (north side of the campus), east of the Gym and portables

In the afternoon, if your child is not present when you enter the loop, please drive through and enter the loop again or park on the street side of the loop and get out of the vehicle to walk your child across the loop.

Students Who Ride the Bus

Transportation by school bus will be provided to all children who live within the Collet Park’s district.  Please check with the office to find out which bus stop is closest to your place of residence.  Children riding the school bus are expected to follow all APS safety rules while at the bus stop and while the bus is en route to and from school. Children should be at the scheduled pick up time at least 5 -10 minutes before the bus arrives.

The bus zone is located along the back of our campus (along Gretta NE).  We ask that you help keep our children safe by not parking in the bus zone.  Instead, parking is available along Snowheights and on Morris NE.

Bus Information

Collet Park Elementary uses Durham School Services for our bus transportation.

There are four buses which service our school, they are Bus 89, Bus 95, Bus 108 and Bus 111. In order to qualify to ride one of these buses you must live at least 1 mile away from Collet Park. If you reside closer than 1 mile away then you do not qualify for bus transportation.

If you are a transfer student, then per APS rules you are not provided bus transportation to your transfer school.  A student will not be afforded transportation if attending a school outside his/her residence school unless specified by an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Transportation for attendance at another school will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians unless specified by an IEP.

Students will be picked up and dropped off at designated locations; bus drivers will not drop off students at other locations.

Students should arrive at the designated bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time; afternoon buses will leave the school loading zone 7 minutes after the school bell rings.

If you are the parent of a currently enrolled Collet Park student and wish to see if you qualify for bus transportation, then please contact us at 298-3010 and we can check your address to see if you qualify for a bus, what bus your child will be riding and what bus stop they will be picked up/dropped off at. You can also contact Durham School Services at 298-6831 if there are any other questions or concerns regarding the buses.