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New Student and Kindergarten Registration


Welcome to Collet Park Elementary School!

Here’s some information for you regarding registration at our school. First, all parents and/or guardians enrolling their students at Collet Park Elementary will need to have a registration packet filled out. It consists of the following documents:

  • 2 Registration Cards- Please make sure to fill out & sign and date the back of both cards.
  • 1 Health Information Card- carefully fill out the front and back. Please sign and date the front in both appropriate spots. If your child requires medication while at school, authorization forms regarding the medication must be completed prior to the 1st day of school with the nurse.
  • 2 Emergency Dismissal Procedure Forms- carefully fill out this form with as many emergency contact numbers as possible and sign and date. Parents: You must include yourselves on this form. Only those adults over 18 and listed will be allowed to sign out children.
  • 1 APS Verification of Birth Certificate Form
  • 1 Cumulative Records Request Form

In addition, you will also need to supply the three (3) following documents:

  1. Proof of address (Home/Apt. lease, utility bill or cable bill with parent/guardian's name on it that proves you reside within our school district. (If you are living with another family and the proof of address is in their name then you can fill out a "Family living with another family" form, which will satisfy this requirement.)
  2. Up to date immunization records(Nurse will be on hand on verify.)
  3. A copy of your child's birth certificate(Note for incoming Kindergarten parents: Your child must be five (5) years old by August 31, 2013, 11:59 p.m. to enroll in Kindergarten for the 2013-2014 school year. APS allows no exceptions.)

If you are missing any of those three (3) documents or if the immunization records aren't up to date then you will not be able to complete the registration process.


If you’re not within our district but would like to attend our school, you can seek a transfer. There’s two ways to apply for a transfer:

  • apply online at 
  • apply in person at the APS Transfer Office at 6400 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 100 West. For more information, please contact the APS Transfer Office at 855-9050.

Parents are urged to enroll their students at the school within their district in the meantime until they receive more information regarding their transfer.

Hopefully this information was helpful and don’t hesitate to contact us at the front office at 298-3010 if you have any other questions.